Tokyo day 2, we decided to go to Tokyo DisneySea because the weather predicted high chance of rain and partly cloudy on the following days. We took our sweet time dolling up, walked across lovely sakura streets, had tonkatsu near our apartment, and finally headed to DisneySea. You can take a JR to Maihama Station and another 20 minutes walk to the park entrance or you can take Disney Resort Monorail to DisneySea station which is about 10 minutes. We took the latter option of course :p

We thought it wouldn't be so crowded on a Monday, turned up we were wrong. We didn't know it was Japan school holiday and the queues of every shows and rides were crazily long T___T. We didn't bother to wait along those insane queue times. So after meeting up with Povy who happened to travel to Japan at the same period with us, and her friend Sharon, we decided to just enjoy the beautiful scenery and take tourist pictures in this magnificent theme park. Frankly speaking, I knew our plan was quite failed but I will definitely come back to sit all the rides and watch all the shows. 

DisneySea's iconic structure - a volcano named Mount Prometheus. 

Instead of having normal and express/VIP pass, DisneySea offers express pass for everyone who manage to get them in particular period. If you are lucky enough, you can save a lot of time queuing. We got the fast pass for StormRider, but ended up we did not go for the ride because even the fast lane queue was more than1 hour time > <''' On a brighter note, we saved those time to explore the highlight of DisneySea park - Mermaid Lagoon, Mysterious Island and Arabian Coast. Before exploring those parks, I got myself a drink with a special Duffy the Disney Bear straw paying extra, I think around 2000 yen. Don't judge, I did brought this special straw back home ok :p

Favourite picture, sun setting @ Mermaid Lagoon. 

When the sun set, the temperature dropped so quickly that my hands were numb and red :/ 

We couldn't stand any longer of the night cold wind, so we passed by Lost River Delta and skipped the night parade and fireworks T___T. I swear to myself I'll visit Tokyo DisneySea again. I WANT TO WATCH FIREWORKS!!! Before we leaving this wonderland, I had cinnamon churros in Mickey-shaped and Jane bought popcorn in milktea flavour. Yes, it was a milktea flavour which I personally thinks the taste is quite weird. Povy told us there were many popcorn flavours according to different parks. Maybe next time I can try the back pepper popcorn :D

Last stop @ Shibuya. Me, Povy and Ash wanted to have sushi, but Huannie and Jane does not eat raw fishes so we have our dinner separately. We randomly popped in a kaiten sushi restaurant (conveyor belt sushi) and it was great. I mean if you compare a kaiten in Malaysia and Japan, you will know what I mean by great. Also by great, I mean the freshness and the portion of sashimi they offer. So much thicker, slurps! While we happily noming our sushi, two of them went 24 hours Ichiran for ramen. 

Sticking to the Japanese way of memory making, Povy dragged us all to take purikura @ Shibuya Center Gal. I'm amazed by the features of the machine which can make your look way better (or I find it more strange) in the purikura pictures. You can apply fake lashes, enlarge your eyes, change hair colour, and even make your legs look slimmer and longer. 
Though we were not on the schedule that day, it was a wonderful time spent with my friends at Disney and Shibuya. I couldn't wait till the next time I visit DisneySea, maybe I should stay at Disney hotels so that I visit each parks thoroughly.