She is always so independent so mature, yet she is so sticky sweet to me. It's your 5th birthday celebration with us, and I believe there will be more. As we said, we will get married, have our own kids and get old together. Friends can be this romantic too, love you long times

We had a small private dinner @ Zenzero Restaurant and Wine Bar, St Mary Place. I've a very high expectation about the food because chef Andrea Zanella who used to work at il Lido, is back commanding Zenzero's kitchen and turned out all dishes we ordered that night were incredibly delicious. I also love its casually elegant environment where we don't have to whisper when we talk. Not so much pressure as what fine dining restaurants usually have. 

We couldn't decide what starter we want, so we ordered Zenzero Antipasti that has a combination of 2 starters in its menu. 
Me digging in!!! Raw oysters so fresh, slurps. 

Meanwhile waiting our main courses, we fake-surprised her with Chanel earrings. By fake-surprised it means she already knew what we gonna buy for her because this girl requested earlier when we gave LengLeng a Chanel earring at her birthday. She always wanted a black colour earrings, and lucky us we managed to get it. Please wear it everytime you see us to prove us how much you love it, lol. 

All is good, all is good. 
I had squid ink tonarelli with scallops and king prawns. 
Jane's black angus tenderloin with winter vegetables in Chianti sauce.
Leng's “Homemade Pappardelle al ragĂș di carne” with Veal & Lamb ragout and dry ricotta cheese. Food title copied from Zenzero menu because I dont know how to describe this, lol. 
Liza's lamb with her fav foie gras. 
Ricotta-choked cannoli fried pastries and vanilla ice cream to wrap up this wonderful dinner. The waiter has the birthday girl's name spelled wrong, opppsssyyyy :/

Lastly, I was wearing De Prinzessin top and bottom that night and there I was trying to get long legs post but I think I failed. 

Till I find the right angle...
I'm gonna crash now, sweet dreams my readers.