I was at HP Pavilion Notebook launch last week and only got to know HP has been developing stylish sleek notebook these days. I still remembered those days when I was in college, I was forced to choose notebook among those dull colour designs. How I wish HP has already came out with this HP Pavilion Notebook 14 & 15 design years back where I could carry it around the college, looking so much cooler just because you have the my-laptop-is-cooler-than-yours feeling, lol :D Please don't roll eyes on me because I honestly think the design matters a lot to me, who's with me? Enough talking, I know you college students these days are lucky! 
Now let me brief you some of the awesome features HP has incorporated in this tiny little gadget. 
#1 Vibrant colours
HP Pavilion 14 & 15 Notebooks comes in multiple colours included Natural Silver, Snow White, Aqua Blue, and Vibrant Red. My favourite would be the red one, bold enough to ‘pop’ out while I’m carrying it around.

#2 BeatsAudio™system
With Beat Audio speakers placing at an upward curve at the edge of its underside, the audio quality will be optimised and remained fairly consistent for use in any position regardless you are using the HP Pavilion Notebook on your lap or at a desk. It's designed for the best-sounding and richest notebook audio. 
##3 HP Express Support 
HP Pavilion Notebook also includes a 30 minutes Express repair which is super convenient! With this support, it's fast and hassle-free, giving me complete assurance to longer lasting and durable laptop.
With a bold new look and equipped with Beats, HP Pavilion Notebook is one affordable convertible notebook that is faultless in its price, from only RM 1999. Sleek stylish design comes with an ultra-affordable price, plus it comes in red colour, how can I not fall for it?
A laptop is not only just a laptop, for me, I would like to think of it as an accessory that is able to make my outfit ‘pop’!
My day out essentials.
You know that good feeling when your accessory stands out so well with your outfit, lol :D I’m a fashion fanatic like this! Somehow this red colour laptop gives me a cheerful feeling and keeps me motivated on whatever projects/articles I’m working on it. I guess choosing the right colour is quite important as well.

If you want to know more about HP Pavilion 14 & 15 Notebook, watch this video below or log on to their Facebook page, HP Malaysia to find out more :)

I've also discovered other HP products that are equally cool as the notebook, such as All-in-one touch desktop, colourful headphones that goes well with the notebooks' colours, speakers, and many more. Besides the colourful HP Pavilion 14 & 15, HP Pavilion x360 and HP Envy 15 Notebook PC were launching at the same time. Feel free to visit Hewlett-Packard website. 

All these touchscreen notebook and desktops are calling to me...Factor in its loud Beat Audio speakers, and I'm really got an urge to bring all these home, wouldn't you? :p