Pretty sure I was enjoying the whole beautifying experience by Panasonic last week at their latest Panasonic Beauty range product showcase. 

Held in a stylish yet simple set-up at The Library Coffee Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South, the Beauty CafĂ©, there were 4 different stations for hands-on demonstrations covering from Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care and Mobile Beauty. Me and blogger friends, Bobo, Povy and Audrey were all excited to discover how these stylish beauty products can cater women's need on almost every part of their bodies. 

Station 1 - Hair Care
Since I've already have my hair all set up by myself, all I wanted to was to try out their newly launched hair dryer - 2000W. Often you don't see home-care beauty tools come in sharp colours like this, especially hot pink. I'm obviously not a pink person, but how can you not love to dry your hair more if it's so stylishly designed. Despite of its design, it's a compact solution for women on the go yet powerful enough to allow quick drying. Built to be light, girls worry not to bring them along during travel. Yes, I bring my own hair dryer when I travel because it feels more like home. Don't you girls do the same? No?  > p <''' 

Station 2 - Body Care
Wet & Dry Epilators, so easy so convenient! Wet shaving feature allows girls to enjoy body grooming process in the shower. With its latest foam creation feature, it is more gentle and easier for users during DIY hair removal process. 

Station 3 - Face Care
Tried and tested. This Facial Steamer helps to remove make up easier at the same time keeps your skin hydrated. It first produces the nano-ionic steam that penetrates into our skin for deep moisture retention, then with a single wipe my eyeliner was easily removed with cotton. 

Station 4 - Mobile Beauty 
This on-the-go tools include portable shavers, eye lash curler, portable toothbrush, brow shavers, and nail care products. I wasn't trying their star product - Panasonic Nail Care set because I didn't want my nail art to be removed, so I only manage to watch Povy tried on their brows shavers which we both found it equally innovative. My brows are perfect right now, thanks to 3D embroidery! Thought I do not often my brows, I still sometimes want them to be in shape yet I'm worried I might accidentally shave them imbalance. With its latest technology, Panasonic brow shaver works perfectly in shaving brows to avoid cutting your skin.

Coming to the end of the pampering session, Panasonic revealed their new products!!! My favourite item will be the Thermal Esthetic Roller. Unlike any other roller, it generates some heat while you use it to massage your face. 

So much beauty tools I want to bring home, I shall start doing a to-buy-list. Thank you Panasonic Beauty for having us. We love being pampered like this, please do it more often :D
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