Hello Singapore, you have been awesome so far. Met so many blogger friends these two days and they were all so down-to-earth. I feel honoured to be part of this campaign, being one of the Malaysia representative for Digital Fashion Week's Insider to share with you the latest updates of the shows and events. I was so happy to meet Sheena Liam yesterday as she will be walking the shows in Singapore. Looking forward to watch our Malaysia super model rocking at international runway. 

But before that, let's see how much I've packed for this fashion week! First thing when I checked in Hotel Jen was to unpack everything in my luggage and transformed the room just like my room back home. You could tell I'm really into monotone. Even the two weeks worth of outfits are all in black and white. Thanks to the our designer friends back in Malaysia who sponsoring all these! Couldn't be more lucky to have all outfits sorted in such short period of time. Image I have to match every outfits with shoes, accessories and bags. I'm in need of personal stylist now!!!

Today will be the first day of Digital Fashion Week, more fun-filled moments coming :D
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Also Happy Halloween everyone, have a spooky weekend!