Happy Boxing Day guys!!! 
I hope everyone have a wonderful time with their families and friends during this festive season. I've endless Christmas celebrations this year and these are my 2nd and 4th. 

Christmas celebration round 2 was with the Goh's and his closest friends. Boyfriend decided to cook for an advance Christmas celebration. It was my first time making Christmas dinner, by making I mean helping boyfriend out in the kitchen. Grocery shopping was easy because he knew what to buy and what I did was just to list down the ingredients. The cooking part was more interesting because I managed to get my hands on the real works. 

WL's Xmas menu:
1. Dauphinoise potatoes
2. Mushroom soup (missing the pic, but it was the best mushroom soup ever)
3. Bruschetta with tomatoes and basil/sautéed mushroom 
4. Pesto pasta
5. Grilled chicken with guacamole and Dijon mustard
6. Pan grilled salmon (missing the pic, probably because everyone diggin' in too fast)
7. Apple crumble

Excuse our last minute set-up, but it was fine. Good job to Penny of successfully arranging the seatings and getting 17 pairs of serving utensils. Of course, she borrowed some :p It was very homie and warm, and what we lacking of were the chilly weather and snow. 

Christmas celebration round 4 with friends @ Genting. 
I said I wanted to celebrate it under a chilly weather and here we were, having a barbecue party up on the hill. It was raining during Xmas eve and I swear it was super cold that night. Luckily I have my sweater on, else the whole time I would be like "Let's move the party back to our hotel room...". We played Beer Pong, Sushi game (loser gonna eat wasabi) and exchanged our gifts. I was so happy to always have friends during celebration like this. They make you feel less lonely. You know you just don't want to be alone during Christmas, especially your family and your loved one is not around. 

I really have a month of wonderful celebrations,  5 more days to 2015!!! I just can't wait for new year countdown.
What will be your new year resolution?
I'll share with you mine on the next write-up, stay tune x