Well, that was quick isn’t it? We are set to pack 2014 away, and ready to raise a New Year’s toast. I find the end of a year to be bittersweet where you are excited for what’s to come next but also can’t help thinking back to what I accomplished this past year. A year end means time for remembering, reevaluating, and reimplementing for the better ones.  

2014 was one of the most “challenging” years, though it put me down for most of the times but I managed to go through every single ones. I’m lucky to have friends and that special someone to be by my side when life screwed up. I was lost, and those days were the darkest. I didn’t know how and where to express my feelings. I talked to a few, but none of them can actually stop me from thinking why these would happen and why me. Only you yourself and till the day I realised everything happen for a reason, I accepted the fact and moved on with my life. Those were just stages of life.

I wouldn't be who I am now if I didn't go through those dark days. I'm happy I'm now a stronger and more independent woman. I am able to seek my own happiness. Little things in life are able to make me happy. For instance, spend time with my Woody boi once in a month, have quality time with my loved ones, read a good book, drink a good coffee, to have a partner who would want to explore business opportunities with you and etc... What more could I ask for. 

2014 was great because I started off my own bikini business, however because of my full-time job and my business partner (Michiekins who now a mother) we both couldn't dedicate all to our business. Next year, we need to work harder to make this dream grow bigger. I got my own car, like finally. Thanks to my parents to pamper me so well, I love you daddy mummy. GBGTV is growing strong, and people recognize us as a team. I'm so lucky to have teammates that share the same passion in my blogging career. Next year, Nanny Saw gonna bring us all to strive further and I'm so looking forward to it.

My Near Year resolution is to be more grateful in life. To know who and what are important in life, set my priorities right, and move towards them. Let's us all finger-crossed for a better 2015 :)
Happy New Year, my beloved readers.