I know it would be too late to write about my road trip to Singapore during Labour Day holiday, therefore I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Apart from doing the routines (eat, shop and sleep), we watched Beauty and the Beast and managed to spend some time with my brother. It is always nice to catch up with family, especially we don't get to stay together for years.

Speaking of travel, of course it revolves around food. 
#1 Sinpopo BRAND 
We had Har Jeong Kai (fried chicken) burger, nasi lemak and rojak for sharing. Nothing very impressive while I love getting nostalgic about the vintage 80's interior, I wish the attention details stretched to the food. 

#2 Penny University
This hidden gem in East Coast is serving one of the best coffee and cakes in Singapore. I have yet to try their pastries and I wouldn't mind to come back for the next round. My brother said I almost check listed all the best coffee places in Singapore. I mean that's a good thing right? How I wish I can one day try all the good coffee all around the world and of course eat all the desserts :D

#3 Osteria Mozza 
Quote from boyfriend, 'never doubt a fat chef - Mario Batali'. This restaurant serves one of the best Italian cuisine. We had cappellacci with bluefoot mushroom and grilled wagyu beef. I was not a pasta person until I was convinced by Osteria Mozza. Every taste of their stuffed pasta was sweet, creamy and flowy. Grilled wagyu in the meantime, was great. I will always choose steak over pasta, however not this time. I will highly recommend you guys to try their pasta! Not a dinner is completed without dessert. We ordered vanilla panna cotta with mixed berry and almonds. Every bites was so flavourful, I almost teared up :p
We took a stroll walking along Marina Bay Sands and enjoyed sunset in this beautiful city. 

#4 Hai Di Lao
This Sichuan hot pot chain keeps me in the awe of their service level. While waiting for our table, you can served with snacks and drinks, you can even go for a manicure service. How awesome is that! With wide selections of fresh ingredients and sauce, this Sichuan hot pot deserves a second visit. 

#5 The Horse's Mouth
Hidden speakeasy bar. Hidden behind a door from Uma Uma Ramen, you will eventually find yourself in this Japanese minimalist designed bar. Have fun finding this bar :D

The regular routine I would do when I am travelling is to have instant cup noodles before I go to bed. The greatest thing is you found someone that shares this regular travel routine too, lol :D

These pretty much sum up my eats during this road trip. I will see you very soon, Singapore.