The last time I visited Kota Kinabalu was years back when mom brought me along to attend her friend's wedding, later years I never once thought going back there for holiday until last month where Cher Chi organised his birthday getaway at Nexus Resort Karambunai. It was indeed one of the most relaxing resort I have ever stayed. We were arranged to stay at the villas with direct access to the private beach. 

Having to stay at such paradise, boyfriend and I insisted to wake up early morning for breakfast, enjoyed sun tanning, went for a swim in the sea and of course treated ourselves a 2-hours spa session. Our stay at Nexus was unexpectedly enjoyable.

I casually did some bikini shots for my Mermaid Dreams too :)
I was wearing Marina Love and Baby Doll. 

We tried all the restaurants in the resort and we love the food the food there, yet Chien Tien (Chi's brother) was being a very good tour guide to bring us out for some local food like beef noodles and fish noodles with tomato based soup. Of course that 2 hours drive (back and forth) wasn't just for these food, the boys were out to get more alcohol for the celebration. The birthday bash weekend was so easily jazzed up with the help of their fun drinking games.

There were a lot of hilarious drinking stories which we shall keep it to ourselves, but some crazy moments should be shared with you all and perhaps you can try these the next time you are going for a beach holiday with your crazy friends. We went for night swim at 2am. The water was warn, the night sky was full of stars, we drank champagne and sang those classic 90s songs. We did the same thing while watching the sun set and lie on the giant watermelon and dinosaur floats which Valerie got them online. They were such great photo props :D

We also managed to play some water sports @ Lagoon Park which it wasn't quite enjoyable for the ladies. We wouldn't want to let go the handles while playing the so-called viper. It was only a 2-minutes ride and our hands were sore when we got back to the ground. Boyfriend and I did parasailing too. Less energy and strength required as compared to viper, boyfriend and I just sat back and enjoyed the view.

Thanks Cher Chi and Valerie for the invitation and warmest hospitality. Looking forward to more good times with these crazy bunch.

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