I am missing this cold weather now. 

It was last year when I visited this beautiful city where you can just drive an hour or two to arrive at Brighton, Melbourne's favourite seaside destination. Being touristy, we took a stroll at the most famous spot on Brighton's coastline, Dendy Street Beach where the colourful bathing boxes lined along the the stretch of coast.

While thinking whether we should drive to the Great Ocean Road, we found ourselves craving some fish and chips and we were quickly en-route to Cerberus Beach House. According to WL's friend, it's Melbourne's most iconic spot to sit and feast on fish and chips while enjoy the picturesque bayside view. 

So we ditched the long hour road trip plan and went St Kilda instead. There are nothing much to explore here, so we ended up chilling at Dr. Jekyll. Good coffee though. 

There was no time for empty stomach when we were in Melbourne. Our friend brought us to Longrain, one of the best modern Thai restaurants in Melbourne. Although the restaurant was very busy,  the table service was excellent. Needless to mention their food, my favourites are their betel leaf tapas, silken toufu, and caramelised pork hock is absolutely to die for. 

Happy kid he is when it comes to his favourite session. One of the original rooftops bar, the Rooftop Bar on the top floor of Curtain House is the place to go for drinks with friends and settle in for a movie on the deck chairs and rugs. 

Travel post always make me want to get away from this city life. 
Making my travel destinations this year, so where do you suggest?