So my mom was down to KL to visit me this month and since she has never been to Ipoh neither do I, we decided to travel north to visit this food heaven where everybody else have already been. 

Our first stop, of course was for Ipoh's bean sprout chicken rice. My friend brought us to one of the famous ones, Ong Kee Restaurant. Sadly not exceptional taste. Perhaps I can try the one boyfriend recommended (Cowan Street) next time. 

Egg caramel custard from Thean Chun can never be missed. When I posted this picture on my Instagram, people started to tell me about their incomparable kai see hor fun aka chicken kuey teow soup. Now I have more reasons to come to Ipoh again. 

If you like hawker food, you should try Hoong Thoo Restaurant. I love their fish paste wat tan hor and fried wanton. If you love cempedak, they do have the best cempedak cake (which I didn't take any picture of it) I ever taste. 

Because everyone is telling me I shouldn't miss Tuck Kee Restaurant when it comes to noodles, so we decided to give it a try. We ordered Hokkien mee on the menu, which we didn't know it was meant for the thin yellow noodles. The one we wanted was actually Hokkien fried dai loke mee. Ended up we didn't have a very satisfying second round as we thought. However the dish that goes with the noodles (baby octopus with soy sauce) was pretty good. 

What better way to kick start our second day foodie tour than with a cup of original old town white coffee at Sin Yoon Loong Kopitam. They was in fact the first coffee shop in old town that has introduced white coffee to the Ipoh community. Dan chi (half boiled eggs on toast), peanut butter toast and a cup of white coffee make a great ensemble for a hearty, traditional breakfast in old town. 

Next stop for some tau fu fah @ Funny Mountain. I cannot believe they have a drive-through service where you can have your tau fu fah inside your car while avoiding the scorching hot weather. We also bought some kaya puffs from Sin Eng Heong which is a few stores away. 

Highly recommended by my boyfriend, we can't wait to try their Hakka offerings at Chong Chew Kedai Kopi. Since we were still very full from the breakfast and dessert, we just ordered the Hakka lei cha (pounded tea rice). It was in fact my first time trying lei cha and it really love the taste. Of course, how can we not order its traditional Hakka yong tau foo before we left. 

Apart from food, it was a great stay at Haven Resort Ipoh. I love their facilities and green scenery surrounded the whole resort.

What a wonderful staycation with my family. Definitely coming back for more food hunting.