Last year I decided to pick up scuba diving as a hobby. I went to numbers of open water classes at Selantis Dive Center, 1 Utama and finally went on a road trip to Tioman to get my license. Before the trip, I was worried because I am not very good at swimming and I was afraid what would it be like under the sea. 
The thing is after this trip I am so happy I did it. After my first foray into the underwater world, I want to see more, I want to explore more underwater adventure. 

I managed to some fishes (gotta start remember their names), bluespotted stingray, turtles and black tip shark. Seeing all the beautiful sea creatures underwater, makes me want to master my diving skill and start learning how to do underwater photography in future. Maybe that time I will be able to show you guys some visuals or videos. 

Thanks to this man who first inspired me to pick up this fun adventurous sports. 

Apart from diving, we were brought to this hidden gem waterfall that is about 5 minutes walk from Paya beach. What's better to do that taking a cold dip while chit chatting our evening away. 

One off the bucket list. Now let's plan another diving trip.