The Trip of Wonders 2016 has been wonderful so far. I have enjoyed the authentic wonders of Indonesia's top tourism destinations which cover Makassar, Lombok and Banyuwangi. The last stop will be at Bandung where I will be spending 2 nights here. 

Before I am flying off to Bandung, I manage to spend some time to write about my Wonderful Indonesia trip at Makassar. 

#1 Bantimurung National Park
Dubbed as the "Kingdom of Butterflies" by British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace during his exploration of the area in 1957. Unfortunately what made the park so famous, the butterflies, are a sad thing of the past. The Bantumuring Waterfall is one of the major attractions of the park. The raging falls are not only impressive to look at but are a popular spot for the locals to embrace the natural shower by leaning right up against it, while others find a calmer rock for a dip, and the children enjoy tubing down the small section of rapids. 

#2 Kodingareng Keke Island
One of several uninhabitated islands in the region of South Sulawesi, Kodigareng Keke is about 30 minutes away from Losari Makassar. Though the island is small, yet the scenery is no less beautiful. Its white sand beach and crystal clear water is the perfect island for snorkeling  activity. You may want to bring along some food and drinks before heading to Kodingareng Keke as there is no food stalls or inn on the island.

#3 Fort Rotterdam
Fort Rotterdam is landmark in Makassar with historical traces dating back to the 16th century. Here is one of the best preserved examples of Dutch architecture in Indonesia. Inside are several museums and it is simply worth to pay a visit this sigh while you are here. 

We rounded up this stop with some bakso at Bakso Ati Raja and local desserts at RM Muda Mudi

Till then, next up will be Lombok.