It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience to join this beauty and health study trip to Japan. My blogger friends and I were arranged to visit Panasonic center. The center is a Panasonic showroom where vistors can interact with the latest products and technologies featuring "Eco & Smart" solution. The most fascinating thing I experienced during the tour was The Future Home Panasonic has created to show how technology could affect our home lives in 2020. The model streamlining the technology in the most family-centered rooms in the house like living room, kitchen and even bedroom. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take any picture during the experience. Perhaps you can image a kitchen that can help you to prepare your dinner, or a bedroom that create your daily look and makeup.  

Apart from the usual Panasonic beauty products that we often see in Malaysia, Japan have this Panasonic Beauty Premium series which all the beauty products are specially designed in black colour. I really wish they would have these in Malaysia. 

After the tour, we were then headed to a restaurant near our hotel to end our first night.

The next day we were all excited to experience a pampering session at Panasonic Cluxta @ Ikebukuro. It is often referred as a rental power room where users can rent the space and Panasonic beauty machines/products, and even their cosmetics for about 300 - 1000 yen per visit. Available in Tokyo and Osaka, Cluxta has recently launched their new store in Shanghai dedicated to making stylish women truly shine in these bustling cities.  

Once again I had my skin pampered with their latest nanoe facial steamer and facial cleansing brush. (You can read more about it here). We get to try the other two brushes which has yet to launch in Malaysia. The smaller brushes accommodate different cleaning purpose. After the deep cleansing, we were also able get our make-up and hair done using their products. I personally find Panasonic Cluxta to be super convenient for working women who have limited time to get themselves ready either going out after work or getting minor touch up during working hours.

Last study center that we visited was at Hikone where the Pansonic factory is located. We were here to learn more about Panasonic historical information. There are so many first invention displayed in the mini museum where I got to see the first massage chair, the first hair dryer, the Panasonic Beauty TV advertisement and just to name a few.
The Panasonic Beauty team also conducted a class for us where they shared the technology of nanoe specifically highlight on the hairdryer as well as the men shaver.

Once again, thank you Panasonic Beauty Malaysia for having us. We hope for a lifetime digital partnership with you guys. Panasonic Beauty, always a smarter choice.