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Collagen is the word on everybody’s lips at the minute and there’s a whole host of supplements available, but the main question is whether or not they actually work.  When we are young our skin is able to constantly regenerate collagen, keeping the skin intact. But as we age (they often said women at the age of 25), it starts going downhill. Despite that, I still thought it would be a good experiment to find out whether or not it’s works in restoring my beauty healthy skin.

I did a 14 days trial of JoyMix Collagen Tripeptide, a collagen that claim to be different as they are 1000 times smaller. It can be directly absorbed into intestinal tract and worked effectively with collagen-containing organs such as skin, bones, cartilages and tendons. The image below shows the comparisons of collagen absorption among natural food, conventional collagen supplements and collagen tripeptide. 

 I started drinking Joymix Collagen Tripeptide every morning after I came back from my work trip from Indonesia and London. My skin tone is more radiant now :)

So far having it daily isn’t a chore for me as I will take it together with my other supplements. Easily just take a scoop of Joymix Collagen Tripeptide powder and mix it with drinking water. I normally have it before breakfast. It has a slightly passion fruit flavour that smells just fine for me.
After 2 weeks, I do feel a difference in term of my skin hydration level. When I put on makeup, it is easier to apply or even though I sleep in air-con room, it helps reduce my dry heels. As Joymix Collagen Tripeptide enhances the production of hyaluronic acid that significantly decreases water loss from our body, thus it does boosting your body water level. Think of collagen as a body’s natural glue. It helps to hold skin together, giving it both firmness and elasticity. Overall I feel my skin is smoother and plumper.
There are also other benefits Joymix Collagen Tripeptide offers such as reduce fine lines, support bone and joint health, and strengthen hair and nails. I believe these would show better results if I have the above problems, yet I guess I can’t really show you guys those benefits for now. But you can always check out their Youtube to find out its benefits.

We all know that the levels of collagen can taper off as we age, so everything should be done to help the body to increase its production. Joymix Collagen Tripeptide is now come in a great way to accomplish this, however there are other lifestyle changes you can make to boost our collagen level. Cut down sugar intake, quit smoking (if you are one), and apply sunscreen just to name a few. Collagen is one of the effective substances that our body should be supplemented with as we age, in order to prevent saggy skin and fine lines. Prevention is always better than rescue.
You can fnd out more on their website or visit their facebook page for latest update.
 They are also available at offline stores at the following address:
MPLUS Pharmacy
Bangsar Village Shopping Mall
Damen USJ Shopping Mall
PJ ATRIA Shopping Mall   

Now you can even use "NANA20" to get RM20 off when purchasing Joymix Collagen Tripeptide on www.joypremix.com. Special promo valid till 30th September 2016 only. Hurry up guys! 
It is incredibly easy to forget to treat yourself with love and respect and it is just as easy to be your own worse critic. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. You can't break up yourself; you need to be able to tolerate yourself for your entire life. Hence, you need to treat yourself like you expect others to treat you. 

These day, I am learning how to treat and love myself better. The most easiest way to start perhaps is from eating the right food. Marigold Yogurt Drinks is one of my choice. It is a 0% Fat & Cholesterol yogurt drinks that are made with real fruit juice. It is so easy to consume at any time of the day, regardless of the type of activities involved. More importantly it helps with digestion and weight control, which I believe every girl would love to drink it every day after knowing the benefits. Drinking such refreshing drinks do help boosting up my mood.

I was invited to attend How Do I Look? Asia event few weeks back, which Marigold Yogurt is the official beverage partner. During the event, Hanny Madu and the various Zumba teachers shows us how does exercise help us in feeling good about ourselves. It somehow helps to release stress while you are sweating it all out.

Meanwhile you are treating yourself right, Marigold is offering something even better. They are running #MarigoldYogurtDrinkDance which you can submit your moves video links at the link below http://bit.ly/2blh29a for a chance to win RM1000 worth of Zalora shopping voucher and Marigold Yogurt Drinks!

 You can check out Marigold Yogurt Malaysia facebook page for more information.
Good luck with the moves x
A while ago I shared with you guys the launch of Dove's Nutritive Solution hair range (read more here)with improved technology that instantly helps to restore my hair condition. How do I maintain my healthy looking hair is the question that comes later.
From styling to change in weather, my hair goes through a lot every day - but with the right products I manage to have nourished hair, inside out. I have been using Dove's Daily Treatment Conditioner range ever since I came back from my beach holiday. Its treatment-conditioner duo action formula Keratin Repair Actives (advanced, patented technology) is able to penetrate into our hair cellular level to help replenish protein and strengthen the hair structure.
Because Dove's Daily Treatment Conditioner range gives more restorative power than a regular conditioner, it is able to target the dryness and damage found deep inside the hair. Overall it will help to prevent and protect hair from future damage.

So how to use?
#1 Wash your hair
#2 Apply the treatment conditioner through the hair, concentrating on the mid-length and tips and leave it for 1-3 minutes. Try to avoid scalp area while applying.
#3 Rinse off.

The new Dove's Daily Treatment Conditioner range comes in two variants, Intense Repair and Nourishing Oil Care. I personally prefer Nourishing Oil Care because it reduces roughness and control dry frizzy hair.
For better results, I would suggest to use it with Dove Nourshing Oil Care Shampoo or Dove Intense Repair Shampoo.
If your hair needs a pick-me-up, try out the new Dove Intense Repair Treatment Conditioner. It is a daily treatment conditioner with the nourishing power of a treatment which leaves your hair looking richly nourished and beautiful in just one minute.
For more information, you may check out www.facebook.com/dove for more.
Photograph by Ashleymak
Outfit by Gucci 

I could barely contain my excitement when I was told to do a street style shoot with Gucci Guilty fragrance in London. It was a wonderful experience with the awesome team.

Under the #GuiltyNotGuilty light, the original Gucci Guilty fragrances embody the new edge of the brand. They signify freedom, by breaking with traditional male and female ingredients. Alessandro Michele is inspired by the Millenials, whom they often don't believe in conformity, submitting to labels or to gender rules, breaking free from common social boundaries. They express themselves however they want, with whomever they want and passionately explore whatever they want. They are hedonistic without apology and indulge in life's pleasures without feeling guilty. This modern declaration of self expression and sexuality ignites the new chapter of Gucci Guilty. It sparks the campaign's powerful statement, #GuiltyNotGuilty and its liberating concept, following three characters revealing in a new dawn of sexuality, emancipated from expectations and rules.
The Gucci Guilty campaign TVC is everything!!!

Gucci Guilty for Her is defined by a signature Fougรจre accord of geranium, commonly used in men's scents, while at the heart of Gucci Guilty for Him for floral, sensual Orange Blossom doesn't conform to a classic male fragrance's notes, heightening the scent's allure. Intimate and magical Lilac flower laced with Amber in Gucci Guilty for Her radiates warmth and grace with a powerful lasting impression. This is a fragrance created for a libertine. Gucci Guilty for Him opens with invigorating Lemon, and is intensified with seductive notes of Lavender and Patchouli. 

Get yourself Gucci Guilty fragrance now, #GuiltyNotGuilty right?
PS: I personally love the one for Him.
It was such a dream-come-true experience to be in London last month to attend Gucci Guilty campaign in conjunction with a private preview of Suicide Squad. Gucci's Guilty fragrance is getting a new look. With the original campaign launched in 2010, the scent gets a makeover starring actor Jared Leto as well as models Julia Hafstrom and Vera Van Erp. Behind the Gucci revolution, a new vision. Eclectic, contemporary, romantic - creative director Alessandro Michelle is telling a different story about the brand. A new dawn, a new chapter. 
I'll promise to share more about Gucci's Guilty fragrance and the style shoot I did with them. Make sure you visit my blog on the 4th September :p

The event was held at Electric Cinema, one of London's oldest cinemas and definitely the most romantic. The cinema is been beautifully restored, with luxurious leather armchairs, footstools, lush cashmere blankets and waiter service delivering cocktails and snacks to our chairs. We were the few people to watch Gucci's Guilty campaign TVC featuring Jared Leto. All I can say now is the video was beautifully shot and it blew my mind.
Here with the one and only Bryan Boy and Tina Leung. 

Outfit details:
Thaviax blouse
Topshop skirt
 Ohvola heels
Gucci bag