December 20, 2016

Isetan Cube_1: Image and Matter by Yoichi Ochiai

Being a fan of Japan culture, I was invited to the second exhibition which Yoichi Ochiai holds his first large-scale private exhibition of media art at Cube_1 (Iseten The Japan Store, Lot 10). 

So who's Yoichi Ochiai? 
He is a globally renowned emerging media artist and assistant professor at Tsukuba University. Described as a "wizard" in the modern age, as if Edison whom he admires as a media artist was an inventor, Yoichi has been envisioning the concept of Digital Nature: an alternative ecosystem where computational resources, nature and humanity have merged together seamlessly in the post ubiquitous computing era.

In this aspirational exhibition featuring approximately 20 of his works, including cutting-edge technology and traditional media such as soap bubbles and magnifying glasses familiar to all generations, you will discover the world of this 21st century wizard through vision and physical experiences. I was lucky enough to meet Yoichi himself on the first day of the exhibition and gotten myself a private tour. 
Clock Flare Lens
Enchanted Blossom
Cockroach x Firebug. Definitely not my type of art piece. 
Pixie Dust - Equipment that generates a 3D acoustic-potential field i which substances can be manipulated
If you are keen on the exploring the digital arts and science, do drop by Yoichi's exhibition before 14 Jan 2017. Ticket fee details as below:
Adult (18 years old and above) - RM30
Children (13 - 17 years old) - RM15

Looking forward for the next exhibition which they will be promoting the flavour of hanami


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