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Friday, July 29, 2011

My 3rd day in Sibu.

詩巫第3天, 日子一樣平靜, 沒啥新鮮事兒. 下午和老友唱K唱了整4小時, 嗓子都快唱啞了. <( > o < '')> 牛仔很忙和Judas是經典爆笑歌曲, 笑翻了 (( o^ m ^o)) 
今天聊天的結論是點頭知己和好友的區別. 點頭知己微笑虛聊, 好友大笑言歡. 你懂的.


竟然hometown沒甚麼可以聊, 就和大家分享那天贏了Tongue in Chic和Parkson舉辦的You Think You Can Style比賽. 在等待被入選前15名名單內時, 心情即緊張又期待, 名單入選請看著Reveal of Contestant!!比賽過程跳過不多說, 直接讓你們看我和珍尼的style look. \\( ^ v * )Y
模特兒, EvangelineYan. 牛仔jumpsuit搭配sheer skirt, 意想不到的組合. \\('' '')//
贏了有獎品, 有了獎品購物去. 三位小女子開心的叻~~ 
#1 Aesop保濕精華液.

#2 香奈兒唇彩. 

#3 Paul & Joe迷你彩妝包.

大致上就這樣, 全部商品都在Parkson可以買到. \(o )
在這兒我要鄭重的回覆我的讀者, Wendy. 不是我f*****king lanci沒回覆你的留言, 是我沒看到. 抱歉讓你覺得我想要紅, 不過下次記得別拿我朋友做比較, 不是那麼雅. 至於CDG的價錢, 的確香港的價錢會比大馬來的便宜, 香港的銷售地點我不是很清楚, 或許你可以google看看, 大馬The Gardens里的M store就有在賣, 可以去看看. 另外不同款式不同價位. 清楚了吧~~ <( ^ o * )//

要繼續的的Gossip Girl Season 4了, 拜.
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Woody love.

Hey yo, people! Just arrived my hometown this morning, shouldn't have booked early flight. The sleepiness attacks, but having quality conversation with Mama always keeps me awake. Love mom
Will spend about 2 weeks time here, thinking what to do in this boring town. Oppppsss! It's really boring when you don't have late night activities here. ( > m < '')

*i likey my black comme tee*
When you are bored, you think. When you are thinking, you miss. When you are missing, it reminds of your love ones. And here i'm missing my 2 bois in KayElle.
Have i introduce you all about my new love?
Let me give you all some hints. o( ^ _ * )o
#1 Big round eyes.
#2 Tiny.
#3 Whitey fur.
#4 Hyperactive.
Again, if u follow my twitter you might get my hintshints.
Isn't it adorable?  \\(''⌒v'')// 

Woody looks slight smaller in this picture. Brought him to vet yesterday, the doc said Woody has ear mites. *sniff sniff* Should have taken good care of him, sigh. <( V - V )> Baby Woody must stay strong ok, Mummy love you

PS: Lovely time spending with Mama.
Time passes real soon, and here come the end of one semester. Remember about the plan i told cha! Yes, i dyed my hair like finally! Didn't take a single picture of using my camera, oppss-opppss. ( > m < );;
I got a picture of instagram taken using Ipad2. The quality sucks here, do forgive me. o( ^ p ^ )o

Speaking of ending of one semester, i've 1 month holiday which i've NO PLAN at all. Was planning to go Bali, but boyfie said he'll be busy working starting July. Uhh-umm, i don't see he's busying right now and it's already end of July my dear.
Ish ish ish....
Perhaps you guys reading my blog follow my twitter as well, right right right? If no, pwease do follow me. Here's the link, nanabwincess. Wheeeee~~~
I had been tweet-ed about "Stay Strong, Stay Positive" so often during my hardcore-revision days and i always want to share with you guys my positive-energy that supporting me 24/7 during that moment. Thank you, ILY.
#1 Google, my best friend.

#2 Coffee stays with you in the midnight.

#3 Huannie boy, my love

#4 Ooi's family, love power

I love the way seeing you growing day by day. Sweet little boy you are~

#5 Good food motivates you to STUDY HARD!

Friends of mine saying working life will be much more stress than uni life. I do not agree with their assessment. I think every stage of life will have its stress to undertake, it doesn't matter whether you are studying or working. They would probably saying, "If you don't work, you don't have money." It's the same to us, "If we don't study, we can't pass." Imagine the re-sit paper some students have been through or even re-take the whole sem, it's terrifying. Anyway, i'm officially on my HOLIDAY now. Bye-bye books for 1-month. Heeeeehaaaaa~ 

PS: Can't wait for the Parkson v Tongue in Chic Styling Contest. \\(''⌒o'')/
NAY, no new camwhore-pic! 
4 papers down, 1 left to go. Can't wait to wrap up everything and enjoy my weekdays like those rawrsome WEEKENDS
Plans plans plans going on my mind.
1. So gonna dye my hair, bye-bye black hair roots.
2. Manicure, pedicure, waxing!
3. Hardcore outing with my girls, i miss you all. *sniffsniff* ( > o < )
4. Spend more time with my Huannie boy and Woody boi hearts
6. Photoshooting with my baby J.
7. Catching up all the drama-s.
8. Thinking wanna go BKK again. Mmmmppphhh... <<( ~ m ~ )>>
So YEAH~~~~~\\(''⌒v'')// *slap back to reality*

My dear readers, u know WHAT!!! Can't believe I lock myself in the house for almost half month, GOOD JOB!
Shall get back to endless-revision now, taaadaa~
Owh, one more thing to share with u guys.
My recent fav VS's mist~ The smell was pretty long-lasting, me likey♥ 

Friday, July 08, 2011


不敢相信自己超過一個禮拜沒去逛購物商場, 更別說和朋友high-tea, 更更別說把自己整理得體! \( > n < );;
每天的作息如一, 吃早午餐 - 溫書 - 吃晚餐 - 睡覺. 整個宅女典範. ////( `~ . ~`)\\\\\
想像得到我披頭散髮K書的樣子嗎? 暈~~
我的黑溜溜的頭髮根長長了. 我, 真系接受吾都咯!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
我要染髮. 我要染髮. 我要染髮. 
阻礙一: 溫書時間會縮短.
阻礙二: 明天下午有date.
阻礙三: 我找不到時間和我時間相符的髮型師.
真的要瘋了! ( V m V )|||
嗨, 女生的困擾啊~

PS: FINAL countdown 2 days.  ( O. o )
Thursday, July 07, 2011


第一架蘋果notebook, 很愛. 配上我的Marc By Marc Jacobs十三寸手提電腦包, 更愛. ( w 3 w )

蘋果這玩意兒, 真系不簡單~~~
一旦玩了, 就會上癮. 最近被那該死的愛瘋4害慘了, 老是掛著它. 
白色真個很純, 很雅, 很美!!!

救我吧! (´o`)

小提示: 媽咪, 你要送我嗎? \\(''o'')
Tuesday, July 05, 2011


七月都來了, 怎麼我還在更新六月份的故事?
時間啊~ 你好殘酷.
噢偶, 這篇文章應該走浪漫愛情風. 拉回來, 拉回來~ \\( @ o @ )ll
620是我和我寶貝huannie最特別的日子. 謝謝你陪我走了兩年, 兩年充滿我們之間的故事. ( w 3 w )


最算再普通的慶祝方式, 我都覺得很甜<<\(  3  )/>> 

晚餐地點位於Solaris的Ole Ole Bali.

上菜咯~~\\( ^ o ^ )//

看似相似的菜式, 但味道有差. 我自己也忘了那道比較好吃, 恩.....( ・o・)

飯後又是拍照留念的時間啦~~~~我也不好意思po那麼多私密照在這兒, 就一張意思意思ヽ(´▽')/

今年的交換禮物儀式有點唐突, 大家對於驚喜都欠缺功夫. 下次要做好準備噢~~*暗號, 暗號*
這卡是我每天趕報告後擠出來的時間做的. 他說他喜歡

這是他送的. 我說我喜歡

寶貝, 願我們相愛到世界末日\\('''')// 

PS: 大學生活不容易.