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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time to Muxic XPLAY!

 Don't stop the party! 
They can't, they wont, 
they never will, stop the party! 

It's time to Muxic with Xplay and party with 15 hottest female DJs all over the world from Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Singapore, as well as our homegrown DJs.
Explosive XPLAY parties hit Melaka and Kuching last weekend. Both Mixx Club and Rush Artistry were jam packed with party animals and XPLAY promise the next upcoming parties are just gonna be better and better! 
Next stop, XPLAY is heading back to KL! 
KL-ites outthere, you don't want to miss this massive party! I challenge YOU to come party hard with me and Xplay at: 

Venue: Aquasonic, Sunway Pyramid
Date: 1 December 2012
Time: 8pm till late night

Gear up for these SEXY DJs to spice up your night with beats to die for:
DJ Deborah De Luca
One of the sexiest Italian DJs who know how to drop the right record at the right time!
DJ Yasmin
Indonesian DJ who plays beats from various genres. She masters her DJ skills right from the age of 19, impressive!!!
DJ Miss Chanel
Began spinning at aged 19 and rocks clubs in KL! 

Still proven you not enough to join us?
Alright, let check out some of the crazy awesome pictures from last year parties at Sunway, JB, KK and Penang, bringing hot local, regional and even international acts together. 
Good enough to join us this year i bet!! 
The best thing about these awesome parties is that you can get in and party with us for FREE! Who don't love free stuff, lol! 
Check out http://bit.ly/XPlay2012, sign up and get your FREE invites.  
Once done, print and show your email invite at the entrance to gain FREE admission. 

Wanna make your party experience even MORE awesome, on the event day (1 December), make sure you check out http://bit.ly/XPlay2012 again to unlock special privileges such as free drink vouchers, a chance to meet the DJs up-close and personal plus loads of other freebies which are exclusive only for the event day itself. 

I've just signed up for the free tix at www.xpax.com.my/xplay.php. So if you want to party with me, you better check it out NOW!

I know you wouldn't want to party alone at this exclusive clubbing experience. Now you can Party VXP STYLE with 10 of your friends.
Just send XPLAY to 22188 and reload RM50 before 30 November 2012 to grab these passes. 
Also to get the party started, dial *888# and download "Xplay Best in Dance" Call Me Tones on The Cube, available from 15 November 2012 - 31 December 2012. 

This party is brought to you by Celcom. More details on www.xpax.com.my. 

Are you ready to have the time of your life? 
I'll see you there! *rock sign*
While complaining how little time i left to sleep, i still scrolling my touchpad surfing here and there & writing a post right now. #Girlsbeinggirls fact 343123!
I assume your timeline might be spammed by me, Jane or Nat tweets regard Vios Chosen One contest these few days (in the case that you follow us on twitter/facebook), i just want to spam a lil here asking for more loves from you all. Just go to this link <https://www.toyota.com.my/facebook/vioschosenone/mainpage/top9/2.html> and like our video and share it out, x
You also can watch the clip at below. 

Oh well, i'm not that evil to ask for your vote without any return! You'll know the good news by continue reading it until the end......muwhahaha~
Time for some updates with my recent fashion shot by huannie boy. A casual afternoon when i put on hoodie and pants matched with studded cap and sneakers! Whole grey coordinate, black cap as highlight. Perfecto! 

How to stay simple yet stylish?
A shades will do! :D
Put it on and you'll look extra cool plus extra good because you can take pictures without make-up or maybe just eye-makeup, lol.  
So do i stylish enough? SO VAIN!!! *smack myself

More vanity to show off! :p
Favourite picture among all. Another #Girlsbeinggirls fact 127234, selca 100 pictures select 1 to upload. LOL

Ok now, here's the good news to share exclusively to my readers.
I'm giving away 3 set of beauty boxes from Modbox, which each comprises of several deluxe beauty brands. 
How to win
Like Modbox facebook page, www.facebook.com/modbox.com.my
Screenshot you've liked the page and email me the image at bwincessnana@gmail.com

Contest ends at 12.00am sharp on 29 November 2012 (Thursday).
3 lucky winners will receive the promo code directly from me in order to subscribe for Modbox monthly plan and receive a free beauty box. 

Please note that credit card details are required during the subscription transaction. Worry not, because Modbox is using trustworthy payment provider from ipay88. 
For the winners, please be aware that you will only receive your first box (in early December) for free and the following month (January 2013) beauty box will be charged. You can cancel ur subscription anytime before that if you choose not to continue with Modbox. :) 

Select your plan now, and never stop pampering yourself every month. 
More infor at modbox.com.my

I'm still waiting for my beauty box to arrive, so lets be equally excited to receive it together. YAY!
Signing off princessly now,  nanight~
Monday, November 26, 2012

Lego eyeliner.

Life is short, so just try on anything, of course legally if you have a chance. I know i'm being random, but this is true! If you have not try to eat bitter goat, try it now; if you have not try to sit roller roaster, try it now; if you have no try to watch ghost movie alone, try it now; if you have not try to draw a lego eyeliner, try it now. Main point is here, LEGO EYELINER!
I drew this new style of eyeliner last month for David Guetta rave party. As you can see from many fashion magazines (i assume you read some), new style of eyeliners are pretty in-trend now! For me, eyeliner is one of the important part when it comes to make up. It makes your eyes look extraordinary bigger! Power of make-up, lol.
It's basically an eyeliner that draws like a lego-shaped or square-shaped at its end.
Why i named it Lego eyeliner?
No, i didn't name it. I came across this term from a Thai celebrity, Vil Wannarot.

I didn't manage to do an eyeliner tutorial for you guys. I remember i was rushing to go out because we were late for Guetta! Anyway, here're some close-up pictures for you guys to see how does it look like at different angles.
Doesn't look really square when i look down, most probably is because my eyes are eichhornia crassipes. I googled the term but end up i couldn't find a word that close enough to describe, if you could understand in Mandarin, it means 鳳眼; if not, please google as well. :p
I assume you guys know how to draw a square-shaped. If not, practice to draw square on paper, then only start drawing lego eyeliner. Just a few steps will do. 
1. Draw a basic eyeliner, not too thick.
2. Towards the end of your eyeliner, draw a square-shaped like above pictures have shown. 
3. Connect your square-shaped by drawing the bottom part of your eyes. Touch up the thickness accordingly. 
Then it went fashionably great on my eyes, lol~ *syok sendiri*
It doesn't look too strange or unusual on my eyes. In fact, it actually looks very much alike the eyeliner i usually drew. > , <''' Maybe i should try to draw a thicker lego-shaped next time, ummmm ummmm~
I'm not sure if i have failed this new try or not? Please comment! Hopefully is positive, lol.
Cheers to almost-the-end of my assignment filled semester, cheers to the fulfilling weekend spent @ Carlsberg's Where's The Party two weeks ago.
Travelled all the way to the Pearl of the Orient - Penang for the party! Brought Jane along with me because she haz no plans during that weekend and i've lack of party friends, lol! I know it sounds crazy, but we did it for Carlsberg's! Yay! Anyway, partygoers were gathered at Queensbay Mall before boarding their respective buses to the hotel (which we've no idea of). The name itself shows how mysterious it is, girlfriends and i were making bimbo guesses in the bus.

While dreaming our stay will be at HardRock hotel, our bus stopped at BayView hotel greeted by a welcome crew of hostesses and percussionists. 
Carlsberg was so sweet to prepare us a goodie bag with full set of party essentials like shades, flippers, headband and WTP's tee shirt

Party venue was told by Kailh (our entertainer/mc in our bus) to be at the shores of HardRock hotel's beachfront. It was walking distance from BayView to the beach, but it was raining that night. We girls were worried our make-up & hairdo will be ruined by this stupid rain T.T
LED paneled stage!

I think Carlsberg loves us, as well as our God. The rain stopped right after we arrived. Just nice for us to start the party!

We kicked-off our party with darting game! Didn't expect an event like this to have dart games, so cool!!!!
Played a round before we started drinking! :p

When i saw iDarts, i knew i'll see familiar faces - Leonard Chua and Sin Yee!
Girls group shot before our face turn oily & hair turn messy, lol.

Then we saw people holding plates munching food, so we walked further in and spotted literally a food hall, YES I MEAN A FOOD HALL because there were damn a lot of stalls!
Fruit punch!
Char kuey teow, fried oysters with eggs and satay! Ze best!!!!
Ais Kacang.

After noming, we headed back to party zone!
Carlsberg flew Edmund Leung to perform! 
He was singing some romantic hitz songs, getting too softy for the party but friend told me HongKong party people really enjoyed his performance. Ok nevermind, different taste in music. > , <

So we started drinking, bumped into friends, and took a lot pwetty pichas!

Kailh, the MC on our bus who i just mentioned! He barely recognized us when we greeted him, i think he was having too much fun! Second thought, maybe is because of our before & after make-up. T.T
Povy girl. 
Karen and......opppss can't recall his name. No, i think he didn't introduce himself.
Christer Chin.
Anerly Fang. 
Jane love.

Refreshing Carlsberg!
and ass was good, lol

Our ootd of the night. 

Entering its third wave this year, the first ever 3-Nation party saw 1,200 guests from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore! 
Party must have your shades on, quoted from NatalieSaw.

Rubberband (Edmund Leung is one of the band member) then brought the house down with Cantopop tunes with Love Cubic's hot dance and some Korean commercial hitz songs. The night was highlighted by Twilight Action girl's hypnotic electro dance beats and my fav part DJ Nikki's chill-out house anthem. 
We gone cray cray dancing and jumping on the beach!

Girls with Andy Kho.
Some friends which i totally forgot their names! Sorry i've short-term memory, especially remember the names during the party. :p
The only thing i could recall is the girl wearing black tee is from HongKong. International party, f*yeah! 
Girl wearing heart-shaped shades are a photographer as well as a blogger. 
Jim, if i didn't get his name wrong.

Our sandy feet after party rocking for 5 hours non-stop. *salute*
We were all sitting on a couch, relaxing our numbness feet. 
Was exhausted and hungry shittttttt from all that fun!
Instead of going back to our hotel after the event, we went for supper at La Mei Zi aka Spicy Girl steamboat in town. Thanks ChristerChin and her boyfriend who are being so kind to drive us there.
Overall, it was an AWESOME PARTY with AWESOME MUSICS and AWESOME FRIENDS! Also, thank you Nuffnang and Carlsberg for the invites! I must go to the 4th Carlsberg's Where's The Party next year,  lol