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Friday, May 31, 2013

HongKong Aftermath.

Been away for the whole week, finally i've squeezed some time for my blog.

Hong Kong is slightly different this time because i've never been there during summer, which means there are more things to shop! Another thing i won't miss visiting while i'm in HK is this huge quackquack in Harbour City. This quirky art piece is the work of a Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman, whose intention is to create happiness to people when see this rubber duck. One of my friend told me this rubber duck art piece has once displayed in Brisbane, but no one bother to visit. Guess HK people need more happiness than Aussie people do :p

I even brought my mini quack to visit her mama duck in HK, lol :D

Enough of quack story, i'll blog more about my itinerary in HK soon. It has been a busy week, now i'm going to Penang island for Generation Beauty Talk on this Sunday @ Cititel Hotel! If you haven't get your ticket, you can grab on the event date itself (but limited to 50 paxs only). Do contact 012 - 4274321 for more details :)

I'll see you guys there x
Apart from the usual casual chic style I've always been sharing in my blog, today this outfit is all about classy. Coco Chanel once said a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous. I couldn't agree more. This piece of mint maxi dress is the perfect choice to create an elegant and classy style. The details of its sequined bodice and mesh skirt with front slits moves beautifully while you walking. I tried to minimize the pairing of accessories as possible because the details of the dress is pretty complicated. To finish this look, I only matched the dress with a pair of sleek peep toe and sling back heels.

Miss Selfridge maxi dress and heels // Saint Laurent clutch // Chanel pearl earrings 

Are you guys falling in love with this mermaid-ish dress as I do? *Nodding head*
If so, you should check out more pretty dresses on Miss Selfridge SS2013 collection. If you notice my IG, there was Miss Selfridge 1utama outlet re-launch party on Thursday and here's the fun times I had during the event.
My date of the night, Mich-chan.

Met local celebrity, Bell. She is such a nice person in real and I'm loving her voice.

Keeping its strong femininity, Miss Selfridge SS13 collection is all about sheer, pastel colours, lace and sequins.

Happy photoboom session ftw!

After show catching time with Chanelle and Chanwon. 
Group picha with all the blogger :)

We went for dinner after the event. Couldn't decide what food we want, so I suggested to go L.table by Lavender. The food is unexpectedly delicious. I should bring huannie come next time. As you can see there were only two main courses, both were not mine because I was skipping my dinner for the dessert. TEEHEE :P

Messy Napoleon is very much like Wondermilk's Smores. The thousand-layer puff pastry blends with with the chocolate fudge and peach, slurps! That's the dessert spirit babeh :D

Mich-chan was not happy because I kept selca-ing with my new friend and neglecting her, hahahaha...

It was a great night for me except the part that I've to walk from the new wing to the old wing dragging my 5 inches heels. Life as a classy lady is not easy!
Till then, nightssss x
It feels like my Sydney posts are going foreverrrrrr = , ='''

So many pictures in my lappie and everytime I open that particular file, I need no sorry it's I desperately want to share with you guys all the good places I went and good food I had. 
So this time, we went to Sydney Fish Market. Fish market? Probably with your confused face, you might wonder what are we coming to a fish market. Obviously, we came for food! I was not surprised Bunny brought us here because way before I arrive, I just happened to see a HK artist Fiona Sit posted pictures of fresh seafood at SFM. 
Onsite, SFM has seafood retailers, bottle shop, fruit and veg market, bakery, sushi bar, and many restaurant. Tips for those of you who's gonna come, the first thing you need to do when you come in is to get a table because the queue in every seafood retailers is crazy. So better get someone to hold your table while others buy food. 
All fresh and yummmm, slurps~

Couldn't recall how long is the wait, but here were the food we had. 

Our satisfied faces while noming the seafood :D Oppsss, forgot about huannie because he doesn't eat raw stuff so too bad for him of not enjoying the whole session :p

We then headed to Kiama Blow Hole @ the south of Wollongong. The water spouts in a matter of seconds and very much without warning. It's pretty amazing. The best time to visit this blow hole is during day time. By the time we arrived, the sky already turned dark so i couldn't get to check out the whole scenery and snap a good picture of the water splashing out from the hole. 
Image below is from Google. It basically shows how the blow hole looks like. 

After coming back from Wollongong, we went late night dining at Golden Century restaurant. According to Vincent, one who comes Sydney must try out the food here (especially referring to Chinese who miss their own food while travelling overseas). It's a typical chinese seafood restaurant with similar menu we've back in Malaysia, but i'll say the food standard is there.
Told cha is the dishes are pretty normal, but the kuey teow (right side at the top) is my favorite.
But here comes the boom, crab congee!
Dessert, sweet sago with coconut milk.

Another calories-filling day with huannie and my best buddies in Sydney, that's pretty much for that day. Hope you guys enjoy my food-pornography in the middle of the night again :)
One last selca before i crashhhhh, nanight x
After 8 days of not seeing my baby boo, we are now back to each other side. Missing him like peanut butter
I think it's good to separate sometimes because you will miss each other more, and you will appreciate the relationship more. Couples who are seeing each other 24/7 will definitely (maybe not definitely, but 90% of them) become less patient in certain ways. I often become impatient and started to throw my princess temper on huannie when my things got messed up, either way huannie get impatient in helping me taking pictures like 933839 times. LOL!
Every couples will have their "pissed-off" point, but do remember it doesn't mean the love is gone. For me, this "pissed-off" point will only happens on people you truly rely on and trust. Because deep inside your heart you know even though u throw temper on them, they will not leave you. They are either family, buddies or your boyfriend. You might say boyfriend might leave you one day (i'm totally agree), but at this moment i know he won't :) So be good to him and don't make your loved ones leave you.

It's a month to our 4th year anniversary and i got this sweetest message from him this morning when i woke up. Awwww, how come my huannie so sweet one *shed tears* I know i know, i'm too sentimental :p

Anyway, happy 47th monthsary to us and happy 520 too♥ 
For those who doesn't know what does 520 stands for, it basically means 'i love you' in Mandarin. I know is lame (because one of my girlfriend said is stupid when we wish us happy 520), but is indeed another sweet date right? :D
I hereby wishing everyone stays lovey dovey~

One more thing before i end this post, here's a big thing coming up - Generation Beauty Talk 2013. Bet you guys must have seen us bombaring this adv in many social media websites, but just in case you have not noticed. It is a basically a workshop where me and other bloggers will share our beauty experiences, makeup tutorial and fashion styling tips to you all. This program will be held in Cititel Hotel, Penang on 2nd of June 2013
Tickets purchase details do email glamourousnetwork@gmail.com or contact 012 4274321. Do take note banking details may be required. Once you've purchased the ticket, a confirmation notice with your ticket number will send to your email once you've made the payment.  
Hint: Most tickets purchase participant may stand a chance to win a money-can't-buy prize on the actual day! 
Don't miss out this chance to meet us and grab the ticket now! 
See ya'll there *waves*