Been away from boyfriend for a week, so tonight i've decided to stay in thought i could spend time with him but he said he wanna 'up level' for his game. Problem of having a gamer boyfriend. T__T
Since I've zero plans for my Saturday, Tomorrowland 2013 live stream has well keeping me entertained while I continue writing my food hunting itinerary in Bangkok. 

First stop, After You dessert cafe @ Siam Paragom.  

Known of its Shibuya Honey Toast, which I also found it to be my favourite among all the desserts we ordered. Of couse i've yet to try all of them, but at least the honey toast wasn't too greasy for my taste. 

The other desserts we've tried included brownie, chocolate lava and strawberry fruit crumble. 
I always love to have tea to accompany while having desserts.  

Us :)

Second stop, Somboon seafood restaurant. 

If you are a lazy person to eat seafood because you don't want to get your hands dirty while piling the shell, come Somboon. 
Curry crab. Chef is too awesome to cook it without the shell, eating become less trouble :)
 Super fresh oysters to die for.
 Startes, which i don't recall. 
Some typical fusion (chinese-thai) food. 
Fried rice. 
 Fried kangkung with chilies.  
 Seafood tomyam soup. 
 Deep fried fish. 
 The best part is they serve good mango sticky rice as dessert. Don't underestimate this simple dessert, because you always end up eating those of 'tourist shop' standard.   

Everytime I write about Bangkok, it makes me wanna go back more. Hopefully I can go again this year for another round of madness shopping + food hunting.  
Till then.
Happy Sunday everybodeh x