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Monday, January 27, 2014

Plaid matched-set look

Lonely Dream blouse and skirt // Infor boots // Saint Laurent leather bracelet 
Check, tartan, plaid - call it whatever you want. It has made a huge come back on the Fall 2013 runways as you can see designers like Stella McCartney, Saint Laurant and Céline, just to name a few,  are reinventing the traditional prints in a new creative styles and cuts. This statement trend has been spotted on the hottest fashion icons, and their stylish seal of approval asserts your investment on tartan. 

Truth to be told, there are many ways to style style tartan. I always love the matched-set situation where my top and skirt are so easily styled with a pair of tall boots. Join the tartan army in top-to-toe or you can style it as such:
#1 Plaid skirt with a plain top 
#2 Plaid blouse with a pair of skinny jeans

Prep and polish tartan into your look now.
When come to styling, they always say less is more. I think it applies on make up too. When I start growing up, I used to love putting full make up whenever I was out. But you will get tired at a point that you want your face to be clean and light. You want your face to have the least make up and still be able to go out meeting people confidently. Now I use about 15 minutes everyday to create the less-is-more look using these 6 applications. 

#1 Thermoceutical sunblock. Instead of using BB cream or CC cream with SPF, sunblock still works perfectly for me. 

#2 YSL radiant touch. It is actually a highlighter but functions as a concealer that is very good in covering my dark circles at the same time moisturizing my eyes. 

#3 Double eyelid sticker. I don't think I could ever live without this, unless I mean unless I did double eyelid surgery :p

#4 Kiss Me eyebrow mascara (orange brown). Your brows colour should always be lighter than your hair colour or same colour with your hair, so always remember to correct the colour of your brows. 

#5 Nars blush (orgasm). A light shade of blush creates a pinky, glowing effect on your cheeks. 

#6 Rimmel 2 in 1 lip tint and balm (timeless tango). Put on a reddish lip colour can instantly brighten up your face. 

No more excuses of being a lazy person to do make up as it only takes 15mins to get yourself pretty.
I hope my way works for you too :)
Acne Studios tank top // Trousers from Bangkok // Zara heels // Givenchy clutch // Balenciaga bracelet 

Tucking in your shirt has been an instant-chic styling trick for years. There are three types of tucks, front, full and half. I was doing a full tuck over here, pairing with a straight cut trousers in white. Something you guys should know while you are doing a full tuck is to make sure your shirt doesn't get bunched up as it will create unnatural creases in your pants. A mid-length shirt is perfect to tuck in. After tucking your shirt all the way around, raise your arms overhead and part of your shirt will rise out of your pants, which is about an inch. Un-tuck this down neatly along your waistline and you are good to go. To finalize my look, I wore a pair of pointy heels to also visually lengthen my legs. 
Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy Birthday to YAASUI

Happy 1 year old to YAASUI. 

I've joined their 1st anniversary party last 2 weeks @ Frangipini Restaurant & Bar together with my friends, the usual gang you know. The party was a success as you can see the party animals really put great effort in dressing up party to the theme of Yaarajuku (Harajuku). I tried my best to gather all the colour sources I've in my wardrobe, and I finally came up with smiley-faces outfit with a highlight of red. To exaggerate my outfit, I put some smiley face stickers on my face. Something very PearyPie don't you think so? :p There is always a best dressed for YAASUI party, and this time Kittieyiyi killed it with her polka dot outfit with a huge pony headgear. She always surprises us with her look. They also have had Ruby Gloom (Model / Model / Fashion blogger) all the way from HongKong to spin during the party together with DJ JaneChuck, Foulworks, EthanChuChu and Edsickness. Besides, there was a mini fashion show by InFLUENCE boutique. Ash baby was one of the model, but too bad you can really see her because all the models were dressed in full black with their heads all covered up. Now you can enjoy scrolling down all the images :) 
Bradon, you totally killed all the girls in this sexy outfit, lol. 
EthanChuChu in samurai outfit. 
Wit the hot models, Atiqah and Deanna.
RAWR Mr.Chin.
I couldn't recognize Mich when she stopped beside me and started winking at me. Your wig did a great job of camouflaging your look, troll.  

I was wearing smiley face cropped top from Bangkok, Tar Mafia denim pants, Lonely Dream oversized vest, Dr Martens loafer. 

A closer look of my make up, cawaii or not? : D

Party like this should never end, it creates sparks to our night life and makes people look at art, music and fashion interestingly different. I'm very excited to see what's the next YAASUI party going to be like. You can always check out YAASUI facebook page for more pictures and their latest news.