Happiness is when you have a good hair day.
Women can go through years of their life finding the best hair dryer and be just fine - albeit a little frizzy. But who wants to live like that? We all deserve a blowout without frizz, flyaways, or any other kind of foolishness a hairdryer that's not up to snuff will add to your precious crown. Women deserve to get that flawless look even in the comfort of our own home. Given all there is to consider, I would recommend this new Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer.

Many of you must have think why invest in a much pricier hair dryer, since hair dryer is just a hair dryer after all. Here are some of the reasons to justify: 
1. NANOE technology 
NANOE hair dryer minimizes frizz and reduces hair and scalp damage.

What's NANOE technology? 
NANOE technology is nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles. Normal hair dryers typically dry up your hair because moisturize evaporate while drying. To counter this, modern hair dryers like use negative ions to adhere to the hair surface, making hair smoother. Panasonic's unique ultra-fine NANOE ions contain 1000 times MORE the moisture held by regular negative ions, which helps moisture penetrate deeper into our hair results smoother and shinier hair. 

Apart from hair itself, NANOE moisturizes scalp to keep it healthy, preventing from dryness that typically cause damage to your hair.
NANOE also helps to suppress static electricity in hair, neutralizing the positive charge that usually generates on the surface of hair. This prevents hair from sticking up or standing at the end.

2. Voltage
The higher voltage means the less drying time needed. The shortened drying time means less exposure to heat and less damage.

3. Cool wind feature
This cool air helps to set the style. It tighten hair cuticles and resists friction damage as well as UV rays.

4. Light weight
It's one of the crucial feature making a blowout an easy job. 

Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer not only check list the above features, it also offers skin care mode that is beneficial to busy working women as a beauty care device. So after blow-drying your hair, you can switch it to Skin Care Mode to blow warm air onto face for about 1 min. This NANOE technology helps to retain facial skin moisturise.

I have been a Panasonic hair dryer user since forever (read here), and I personally think for its price point it is value for money with its new all-in-one features. With this upgrade, I do notice an improvement even I colour and style my hair on a regular basis.
With Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer, you don't just dry your hair, you beautify too.